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Focused On Your Family Law Issue

I am attorney Alicia Dixon, Esq. I founded my firm The Dixon Law Firm, PLLC, so that I could offer clients the personal guidance, compassion and representation they need to resolve family law issues such as divorce and child custody, post-divorce modification and enforcement of orders. I regularly assist clients on fathers’ rights and paternity matters.

I bring a wealth of personal experience and emotional connectivity to my practice. As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants in Palm Beach County, I understand the struggles of family and of cultural adaption. I also served as a volunteer in Rwanda. There, I worked to improve the quality of life of the victims of violence and genocide. I am committed to the safety and advocacy of children.

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Alicia Dixon

Working Beyond Business Hours For You

I got into the practice of law to help people. I channel my passion for my work, my drive to serve and my commitment to my clients into every issue and case I take. I understand that circumstances during a family dispute can change at any time, so I make myself available beyond business hours. I do this to provide counsel and guidance on the best options for you and your children. By being accessible to you at the time you need me, I can often prevent additional legal snarls from happening later.

Accessible, Flexible And Agile

I operate my business in a manner that puts the focus on you, the client. My cost structure was created to be able to readily adapt to the technological innovation of the 21st century. I employ electronic research, virtual offices, e-filing and social media in order to reduce your litigation cost and facilitate more rapid resolutions of legal matters. My mission is to always be there when you need me. My services are tailored to your specific needs.

Get In Touch With Me Today

If you are looking to work with someone who understands that resolving your issue is your life, not a business transaction, turn to me. I focus on resolution, whether this means negotiating a settlement that aligns with your best interests, or pursuing litigation to ensure you protect that which is most important to you. Call 561-853-2214 to get in touch. You can also connect with me via my website email. I also advise and consult on immigration and personal injury issues. Serving clients throughout South Florida.